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“Traditional methods of maintenance dredging are costly, produce high emissions and can be harmful to our natural environment. I invented Tiamat because I wanted to provide a solution to these challenges and create a robust nature-based approach for progressive dredging companies, ports and harbours. Tiamat is an innovative and adaptable solution to hydrodynamic dredging, it reduces carbon emissions, allows us to dredge in a more environmentally friendly manner and provides a cost-effective solution to the world.”

Jim Warner, Tiamat inventor and Dredging and Environment Manager at Harwich Haven Authority

Case study

Harwich Haven Authority

The problem

Aiming to achieve net zero by 2035, the Authority needed to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

With maintenance dredging costs between 20% to 25% of its annual revenue, considering alternative dredging approaches presented many potential benefits.

The solution

Unable to identify any viable existing alternative approaches, The Authority developed Tiamat, a new and innovative agitation dredging machine, to reduce the environmental impact of maintenance dredging whilst significantly reducing the cost.

The result

Through "Dredging with Nature", Tiamat utilises the power of the tide and currents, promoting self-replenishment in the estuarian system, through the natural re-suspension of sediment - replicating the processes that would naturally occur.

Tiamat provides a more cost effective solution to maintenance dredging, improved productivity, a reduction in carbon emissions and impact on the natural environment.

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Tiamat in action

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Tiamat dredging

USACE Report: May 2024

USACE-CHL-CEB assessment of Tiamat for the US market.

To access this resource, please email: to submit a request.

Cranes on Harwich Haven

Case study

Tiamat’s success story in the Harwich Haven.

Tiamat dredging

Dredging with Nature

Discover Tiamat’s innovative technology and the challenges it solves.

Tiamat dredging


Evolution of the dredging strategy at Harwich Harbour over the last 25 years.

Tiamat dredging


Evolution of nature-based dredging solutions


The use of the Tiamat represents an innovative approach to undertaking maintenance dredging operations in ports and harbours. The technology works with tidal processes to minimise the loss of fine sediments from the estuarine system, supporting the natural evolution of estuarine habitats such as mudflats and saltmarsh which host important populations of waterbirds and other species. The use of Tiamat avoids the need to dispose of dredged sediment at disposal sites, which are often located offshore at some distance from the location of dredging. This alternative approach to dredging therefore minimises the generation of waste material and greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional disposal methods.

Matthew Simpson BSc MSc CBiol MRSB, Technical Director, Environment, HaskoningDHV UK


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